Currently, there are approximately over 150 Million blogs worldwide with a large majority of them talking about the same things, in same boring way. Millions of them look the same, many bloggers express themselves the same way and even more are blogging without passion, authority, concrete goals and without having a respectable brand. Many of us fail to realize that while we blog expecting to achieve success, we are also responsible for our personal brand.

Successful professional blogging is no longer for the average Joe with average goals. It is for the prudent who will approach their audience seriously and strive to build their company, and more so, personal brand.

Here is a massive guide that will get you started on the road to developing your blogging brand for success.

Set Goals, Huge Goals!

Before you register that domain or go crazy thinking about the right name for your blog, write down clearly defined goals for your site. Get a pen and paper, or however you write notes, and start jotting down everything you may require and what you NEED to be successful with your blog. Spend a week or two to decide your direction and focus on it. Your goals may not be set in stone for the entire lifetime of your blog since you will definitely grow, mature and learn so your goals should grow with you but remain in a general direction.

Aim for the sky! If your blogger friends want to achieve or are achieving $1,000 per month, shoot for $2,000 per month. Never limit your goals to match your peers or environment.

Know Your Target Audience & Competition

Spend the time to read and study other bloggers in the blogosphere. However, not just the smaller newbie bloggers who may be on the same level as you but try to learn from the “big guns.” Never size up your competition by analyzing the weakest opponents. Ignore them, they will compromise your judgment and cause you to aim lower.

Your blog should be serving a purpose, whether its to provide financial guidance, video tutorials, news, etc. Find out if those are the things readers want or need or may not even know it yet. Get on the grind and think of a unique way to fill a need or provide a unique service through blogging. Your audience will thank you and you will stand out as a pro blogger.

Use A Killer Site Design & Domain Name

If you’re not a skilled designer/developer, hire one here who can give you the entire package: Awesome logo, killer user-friendly site design, robust theme, the works. If you want to build a brand your design needs to be unique and stands out from the everyday regulars.

Choose a domain name that somewhat describes what you do. It will stick in the minds of your readers much easier. If the .com top level domain (TLD) is not available and is in use by someone else, never ever use the same name with .org, .net or any other TLD. You will be placing yourself in unnecessary competition with the owner of the .com since readers will remember this much easier. If you wish to have your name as a domain name, this has its pros too since you will be building a more personal brand with your name ringing all over the net in the forefront, whereas describing what you do in your domain name will help with SEO and thus better search results.