01 Aug 2012
August 1, 2012

Benefits of an Electronic Newsletter

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Benefits of an Electronic Newsletter:

A newsletter is a custom publication that allows any business to stay in touch with its target audience, and it is for this reason that a newsletter can benefit your company by distinguishing you from your competitors. Thousands of companies and businesses worldwide benefit from the use of a newsletter as part of their marketing and communications strategies, as a focused newsletter has been proven to be a valuable tool. The arrival of the internet and email have made the sending of traditional print newsletters a thing of the past, and below are some of the reasons why it is beneficial to move from a traditional printed newsletter to an electronic newsletter:

 An Electronic Newsletter Saves Money:

Direct mail and print ads are expensive and often have a low return on investment. Electronic newsletters cost far less and can be significantly more effective as they can be sent to a larger target audience. It is not necessary to pay the postage or printing fees on an electronic newsletter and it is therefore possible to send out more at less cost, making the electronic option budget-friendly. Another aspect of an electronic newsletter is that any business environment time is money. The production and distribution of an electronic newsletter cuts the amount of time spent by cutting out the need for printers and mail delays. So if your company has a restricted budget for marketing, but still needs to expose its product or service to the public, an electronic newsletter is the answer.

 Proven Response Rate:

With direct mail (a sales letter or other printed item sent via postal mail), you are lucky if you get a 5% response rate. The industry average for electronic marketing is a 25% open rate, while the rate at which electronic newsletters are read is high. One of the reasons suggested for the rapid response rate seen with electronic newsletters is the speed at which they can be read, processed and dealt with. An interesting and informative electronic newsletter could very well put your business in the right place when a customer or client has need of your product or service.

 Promotes Your Business with Existing Customers:

It costs far less to up-sell to existing customers than it costs to acquire new customers. A newsletter allows you to maintain communications with your customer base and promote your products and services on an ongoing basis. For many customers, the follow-up provided by an electronic newsletter encourages them to continue to do business with a company. Allowing readers to interact with your business through an electronic newsletter provides you with the opportunity to build relationships with your clients, while at the same time allowing you to begin new associations through referrals. In business the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is problematic, therefore keeping in touch with long-standing, new or prospective clients through an electronic newsletter gives your business a presence, which could translate into increased sales.

 Generates Business Leads:

We provide you with code for your website so that visitors can easily sign up to receive your publication. When a prospective client visits your website and opts to receive your electronic newsletter, your newsletter can convert that lead into a sale. The ease with which an email can be forwarded to a friend or colleague also means that your electronic newsletter may bring you new business through referrals from other clients.

 Shortens Sales Cycles:

Industry standards indicate that consumers must be exposed to a product an average of 6 to 8 times before making a decision to buy.

An electronic newsletter allows you to get repeat exposure to your customers on a regular basis, ultimately improving your sales process. An electronic newsletter allows you to keep current and prospective clients up to date with the most recent information on new products and developments. The information provided by the electronic newsletter helps the client to select the product or service that is needed in a more prompt fashion, thus shortening sales cycles.

Builds Customer Loyalty:

Studies show that an effective newsletter can bond the reader with the company. By providing quality content in your electronic newsletter, you add value for your customers and build loyalty that can last a lifetime. Studies have shown that electronic newsletters feel personal as they arrive in one’s inbox at regular intervals. For long-standing clients, the relationship that has been built over a period of time is strengthened through an interesting and informative electronic newsletter.

 Improves Professional Image:

A professional newsletter elevates your business image and gives you an edge over the competition. Along with improving the professional image of your business, an electronic newsletter is an excellent way to achieve brand recognition. With a well-structured and well-branded electronic newsletter, it is possible to regularly keep your firm’s name in front of customers or clients.

 Increases Revenues:

A strong call to action along with a special offer, discount or sale gives newsletter readers an incentive to make an immediate purchase. It is also possible, with an electronic newsletter, to introduce additional products or services with which your customers and clients might not be familiar, thus possibly creating new business. In this manner an electronic newsletter can add to the sales revenues of your business.

 Creates Immediate Results:

E-mail marketing is timely. You can publicize events, promote new products and services and announce special sales. Print newsletters can take several weeks to put together, print and send out. By the time that these newsletters reach their recipients, much of the news and information contained in them might be out of date, or insignificant. An electronic newsletter can, however, be prepared, formatted and updated right up until the moment it is sent, thus making any information contained in it up-to-date and relevant.

 Provides Ongoing E-mail Marketing Opportunities:

Your database of subscriber e-mail addresses can be used for all kinds of promotional purposes. We offer optional single-page e-mail blasts that allow you to promote events, products, services and much more in addition to your regular newsletter! In this way an electronic newsletter will enable your business to make a continual presentation to your customers or clients even when you are personally unable to do so. The electronic newsletter therefore helps you build strong and lasting relationships with your customers or clients, not through direct selling, but by making them aware of your business and the products or services that you provide.